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About CLA Associates
Using his teaching, training, theatre and television background founder Clive Bennett has succeeded in putting together a unique blend of educational development and organisational consultancy, representing two strands of contemporary life long learning. Although originally quite separate cultures these drivers of critical change are becoming ever more entwined in a response to the growing demands for flexibility and applied enterprise, as expressions of leadership in pursuit of productivity and academic excellence.

Clive Bennett was part of the original team that developed “Putting People First” a company-wide cultural change programme designed in 1983 for British Airways that soon became an highly successful growth business throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s. According to Blyton & Turnbull (1994) Dynamics of Employee Relations “it soon developed into a world-wide operation”. This extremely valuable hands-on experience of competitive challenge and motivational change then led to a career move into main stream education broadening his knowledge base for teaching professions who now face equally demanding challenges and from 2005 - 2011 was Head of Psychology at Newstead Wood School for Girls in Orpington.

These are the circumstances under which we started and had our early beginnings so let’s tell you about the customised development materials written in support of teaching professionals and those who use our organisational consultancy.
What we do for Education
What we do for Organisations
We will help you assess your needs, guide you with development and support you in the delivery and implementation of initiatives in the following areas:

For example:
We will help you assess your needs, guide you with development and support you in the delivery and implementation of initiatives in the following areas:

For example:
  • Coping pre and post restructuring or downsize;
  • Customer care initiatives ;
  • Leadership styles and strategies;
  • Delegation, redeployment and the introduction of alternative skills ;
  • Exploring the responsibilities that senior management have for staff and middle management.;
  • Team building at the cutting edge of organisational integrity;
Social Anthropology
The course is suitably designed for both students approaching the subject for the first time and also someone with a prior knowledge who wishes to pursue an interest that has always held a particular attraction. By examining its emergence as an independent voice alongside archaeology and sociology, we are able to understand as much about ourselves as we attempt to do by exploring the lives of the other.

In other words, anthropology is a way of explaining through theories and empirical reasoning, the diversity of routes taken in achieving our current stage of development. Using this approach students will be able to enjoy an holistic experience of thinking globally, in the company of other like minded people, willing to discuss and evaluate their own personal discoveries as the course unfolds, since anthropology is really about us, members of a global society and how we use the world. One that we all share but nobody owns.
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