Comprehensive Learning Abilities for Educators and Organisations
About Us
We are educators and organisational consultants with a depth of teaching that has endorsed the design and delivery of customised material for professionals seeking to engage with learner drive connections far deeper than any lap top could ever anticipate. We market ourselves as enabling facilitators assisting with the development of teaching, learning and training, devising material for events and conferences and the provision of outside speakers for inset days.

Our perception of development programmes in the world of work will mean that we are not just looking for respectable solutions to a shopping list of concerns but undertake assignments as guides, sounding boards and mentors well used to changing and challenging environments where innovation and enterprise will do it for people who are then better placed to deal with the process themselves. Cla contributions are therefore central to the management of creative learning, by helping clients, students and staff reach their full potential within a range different environments and levels of ability.

Paintings Courtesy of the Springville Museum of Art, Springville Utah
“After the Days Work” (1949) by Mikhial Bozhi and “Rye is Almost Ready” by Vyachesla Fedorov (1955)